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This is not your average hair salon

Hair services can be a bit overwhelming these days. With the toning and the balayage and the foilage... it can be a lot. If you've ever felt unsure of what service to select, or anxiety over booking the wrong thing, I've got you! 


At Kelly Schultz Hair I offer all-inclusive, package based services that I call "Sessions". These Sessions have been thoughtfully created to include everything your hair needs. No need to overthink it, simply chose the session that best suits the results you are looking for and I will handle the rest!




All Color Sessions Include:

-Signature Lived-In Color

-Color Melting

-Glossing Treatment

-Haircut or Olaplex Treatment

-Styling Lesson

-Personalized Product Recommendations

Full Lived-In Blonding



Your go-to as a new client. A full color transformation to create a dreamy lived-in look. This service is usually performed 1-2x a year, depending on your specific needs.

Approx. 3hrs

Lived-In Maintenance



 Perfect for those looking to maintain or make slight upgrades to their dimensional color with strategic highlighting. Recommended every 12-14 weeks.

Approx. 2hrs

Face-Frame Refresh



Brighten and refresh your money piece for a quick pick-me-up. Best suited for a more high-contrast look. Recommended every 10-12 weeks.

Approx 1.5hrs

Extension Sessions


Extension Maintenance Pricing

For Current Extension Clients Only:

-One Row Move-up: $150

-Two Row Move-up: $250

-Three Row Move-up: $350

Extension Color Refresh: $75

Extension All-Over Color: $125

New Extension Client?

My Extension Application will help answer any questions you may have and is required for all new guests interested in extensions. 

Check it out below!

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