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What if you could wake up with your dream hair every day?

Why IBE®?

 The Invisible Bead Extension method was created to address the most common issues that can arise with handtied extension methods. 

1. Damage to the hair and scalp
Forget tension or breakage. My #1 objective with your extensions is to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. Most clients find that their hair grows longer and healthier while wearing extensions.

2. Discomfort
No beads on your scalp, forget tape and glue... You can expect comfort from day one with IBE!

3.Easy Styling
 No matter how you flip it, you won't see anything here. I custom color and cut all extensions to blend perfectly with your natural hair, making stying a breeze.



Extension pricing is based on a few factors. 

  • Your current hair's length and thickness

  • Your desired length

  • Any change to your current hair color

As a new extension client you will receive Premium Package Pricing that includes:

  • Your extension hair

  • Custom color 

  • Installation

  • Home care education

Below you will find examples of what to expect for your installation:

Extension Maintenance

Extension maintenance is required every 6-9 weeks based on your hair's individual needs.


Maintenance does not include color, but can be scheduled together as needed.


Extension Maintenance Pricing

-One Row Move-up: $150

-Two Row Move-up: $250

-Three Row Move-up: $350

Extension Color Refresh: $50 Per row

The IBE Experience

Your extension experience begins with an in-person consultation to plan your dream hair!! We will discuss maintenance,  your lifestyle, pricing, and any questions or concerns you may have. 


Next comes installation day!!

Your custom extension experience includes color for your own hair, as well as the extension hair, installation, cut, style, and an Instagram photoshoot to top it off. You can expect to spend 2-5 hours with me depending on the extent of your hair transformation.

You will leave the salon with not just new hair, but new CONFIDENCE. 

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