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IBE At Home
Care Guide


I suggest washing your hair no more than 1 to 2 times a week with Goldie Locks Signature Shampoo and Conditioner.

Washing your hair everyday can shorten the life of your extension hair. I understand that life happens so don’t stress about it too much.

Before washing, thoroughly brush out your extensions with your wet brush or paddle brush. Get EVERY little tangle. If you have multiple rows, separate and section them on top of your head so that you’re able to cleanse between the rows. Gently wash as normal and be sure to avoid rubbing the ends of your hair together. If you are washing less often than you are accustomed to, you may need to shampoo twice.


Try washing with smaller amounts of shampoo at a time. It can be hard to distribute a large blob of shampoo all throughout your hair, causing you to go through more shampoo than necessary.

When conditioning, only apply conditioner from the ears down and around the face framing pieces. Avoid conditioner at the scalp and where the extensions are tied in to avoid build up. Starting at the ends, use your fingers to gently comb through your hair and detangle. Try to let your conditioner sit for at least a few minutes before rinsing

If you simply cannot go without washing daily, Try a “half wash” to preserve the extension hair. Start by sectioning off the hair above your extensions, then braid your extensions so they stay out of the way.

Once you have your hair sectioned and ready to wash, put your head directly under the faucet/sink/shower and shampoo & condition the top section of your natural hair. After washing, use your leave-in conditioner and styling products on your damp hair. This will allow you to wash daily if you feel the need to!


Once you're out of the shower gently squeeze the water out of your hair, do not rub!  Follow with your leave-in conditioner and serum. focus these products from the ears down. Use the residue on your hands to distribute closer to your scalp. Detangle your hair in sections with your provided brush. This may take a few minutes depending on the length of your extensions. After you are fully detangled apply any remaining styling products you have chosen.


Depending on the type of extensions you are wearing you may or may not be able to let your hair air dry. Not sure? Ask me! If you are choosing to air dry it may take a long time for your extensions to dry. consider blowdrying part-way to speed up the process. 


I recommend braiding your hair or put in a low ponytail for sleep. It’s also best to sleep on a silk pillowcase (this is great for your face AND hair). Cotton pillowcases can cause frizz and split ends over time. You can easily find these at Ulta, Sephora or Amazon. Do not sleep on your extensions while they’re wet, it will damage your natural hair, the extension hair, and can cause matting.



As far as tools go, you can straighten and curl your hair like normal! When using hot tools, don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before you use heat, and try to keep tools at or below 350. Obviously, the less hot tools you use, the better, as it drys out your hair. Shoot for twice a week or less. I’ve actually had to style my hair WAY less with extensions because it holds the style SO well. With extensions, I curl my hair after I wash and dry it, and then I just touch up the curls as the week goes on until I wash my hair again. This honestly saves me so much time!


Traditional sunscreens WILL turn your extensions a not-so-pretty peachy color. Please only use a mineral sunscreen. READ YOUR LABELS! The only active ingredient should be ZINC OXIDE. This color can be extremely difficult to remove so please save yourself the heartbreak.


Your extensions do not have to stop you from enjoying the water! But, if you will be actively in the water, with your hair getting wet, you MUST prep your extensions. Start by fully saturating your extensions with water (just jump in the shower) Next, apply either regular conditioner or a generous amount of leave-in conditioner and brush it through your hair (you are not going to rinse it out) Next, take those little clear elastics and create two Bubble Braids on either side of your head. This will make sure your hair is secure to not tangle and protected from chlorine or saltwater. When you are finished in the water shampoo/condition as normal, and make sure your hair is dry before you go to bed!



This may sound overwhelming, but you will quickly find your daily and weekly routine. A little extra effort in the care of your extensions will do SO much for their longevity. 

Take care of your investment!


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